London, A Poem

I close my eyes and reminisce
Living in a city full of greatness
There is much to love about this capital
That in my mind, I never left at all

Strolling along the River Thames
Seeing the perfect blend of old and new
The modern sphere-shaped City Hall
By the Tower Bridge, a historic view

The lush parks at every part of the city
Surrounded by charming shops and homes
With squirrels, pigeons, ducks and swans
And children and adults enjoying their time

The convenience of living is real indeed
Grocery stores within walking distance
Double-decker buses going anywhere you need
And the reliable tube for a faster journey

People of London are polite and respectful
Cars stopping so pedestrians can cross
Baristas calling you “love, darling and babe”
Getting a “thank you, that’s really kind of you”
Just for holding the door

London’s diversity is what I love most
Seeing an old black man embracing his white wife
The many young locals of Pakistani descent
Italians, Poles and Hungarians enjoying work-life

Full of cool neighborhoods, a few to mention
The culturally rich Brixton and Peckham
The mesmerizing Chelsea and Hampstead
The comfortable Dulwich and Chalpham

London is friendly for Muslims like me
Finding a nearby mosque is so easy
Halal shops are found nearly every street
And the holy Ramadan is full of festivity

A thing I noticed are the opportunities
To be whatever you want to be
Without worrying the aspects of life
Because the quality of public facilities

So that was my London story so far
If you haven’t been, please do
It’s such a fascinating city
That would simply grow on you


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