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Remembering My Childhood

The recent events in the US made me think a lot about my childhood. It has made me embrace cultural diversity and the concept of a global citizen. I was born in Madison, Wisconsin, a small university city in the Midwest region. It hosts a large number of students from overseas along with their families. Some of them decided to stay for a long period, including my parents. This made Madison an international city. My mom ran a family daycare business at our home in the suburbs, which she started 9 years before I was born. I was raised with the kids in what I would say “my cohort, who were mostly from white-american parents that worked at the university. My mom would sometimes make Indonesian meals like soto ayam and tempe as a way of introducing our culture. I still remember our times playing in the backyard sandbox, going to the farmers market and celebrating 5th birthdays. They were all like family and most of us are still in touch until today.  After daycare, I went to an elementary sc…

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