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My Learning Experience at UCL

Cities are the drivers of a nation’s economy through its creation of opportunities for quality employment, agglomeration and spillovers to the surrounding rural areas. I got this revelation from exploring the cities of Indonesia for business development work. This inspired me to find ways to develop the cities itself to generate better business environments. So I chose to study Urban Economic Development (UED) for my masters at University College London (UCL). Looking back, I feel grateful to have learned from this one year. Not only from my course, but also from the entrepreneurship workshops and public lectures from UCL and other platforms in London. 
The ClassesThe purpose of the UED program is to develop strategies to increase economic productivity within urban areas to then reduce poverty and inequality. It is part of the Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment (same as the School of Architecture and Planning), under the Development Planning Unit (DPU). So it basically focuses o…

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