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My Home in London

I lived in Maida Vale, known as a posh neighborhood near Paddington in the borough of Westminster. The high-end residential areas integrate with more affordable housing, including my home. It was a decent 3-storey brick flat near a small park called Tamplin Mews. It wasn’t perfect, being an old building, but comfortable. The landlord changed the sofas and TV, which was a major upgrade compared to before. The mini-backyard had a tall tree which I used to stare at from the couch to admire the changing seasons. The kitchen appliances were almost complete except for a rice cooker; there was an oven and microwave that were lifesavers since I didn’t have time to cook every day. My room faced the street so I could do people-watching while finishing essays. The most important part for me is the bathroom bidet, which is one of the reasons I chose this flat since it’s a necessity for Asians.
I shared the flat with 8 other Indonesians, 5 adults and 3 infants. They were Aldy and Irna with their 4…

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